Yin Le recovered the red light comic,Ray is more stronger than before,High temperature is not only grazing on grass on the ground.,Also let the two teammates are very difficult。At the same time, he beside him to surround another burning flamingo,Fire almost scarlet,He doesn’t care if it will be aware of ordinary people.。

The little teacher around me,Keep watching the sky,Holding a copper casting light,Always。
Ancient lamps with bean flames,It seems that the speed and reaction of the enemy are slow。
Only Zhou is responsible for attack。
He temporarily gave up the spiritual wave,Transfer and use,Double-handed,Continuously flying to the sky, the huge faster, the speed is very fast.,Eyes can’t blink。
However, only a very small number of。
Fortunately, it is him.,In order to make this continuous output。
The monster occasionally spit out a light ball.,Trying to fight against him,Just still have not landed,The flamingo, which http://www.minxingshiye.cn took the initiative to fly out by Yin Le.。
Zhou also found it,This big monster is too much in the last muchemum monster.,my own‘Palm’Be a heavy gun,No problem with a single-family house,Playing in the midding monster, the powerful monster, can be blinded in an instant,Lost half a body can live,Can hit this big demon,But only can cause peel injury,It seems that the flesh and blood is blurred.,In fact, it is far from being hurting.。
Just after all, soar in the sky,As long as it is hit,Will still lose balance,Place a piece next to it,He tends to bombard this opportunity.。
Blood is constantly sprinkling from the sky,Cause large flame。
During the period, the monster tried to push the attack several times.,Failure to work,The more I get into an affection,Flying is more and more difficult,Action is getting more and more http://www.rkhvk.cn hysteresis,Like trapped into the quagmire,There is a kind of power that has gradually growing his weakness is changing his movements and ideas.。
The balance of the battle is gradually tilted。
Monster,put all one’s eggs in one basket,Around the other side of the hill,Then use the hill to quickly rush.,Distance from a few people。
Thunder,It hard to resist。
Flamingo,It is ignorant。
Another human beings shout,It’s like itch.。
It’s a blink of an eye to the red light comics.,This layer comes with high temperature,High temperature is invalid,And under its violent impact,The nungee is also rushing quickly.。
But then it felt that the huge horror of the front.,That is really to make it seriously injured.。
Monster open blood circles,Dental teeth with dense maiden hooks,The throat flashes with http://www.niqi3688.cn bright and dazzling light,Immediately spit out。
Light column and spirit column,Blooming glare。
Even the old demon monsters are also squinting,Then shake the head and speak:“These Jian Nei fights true chicken fancy,Still we are weak,It’s dry to mention the knife.……Here you have a high level of weak mentor,It is not so afraid to be accepted by this guy.。”
As a result, he is expected.。
The light column is compared with the spirit column,The former is fast.,Broken annihilation in the spirit。
The monster can’t swear,Semi-wings left backbone。
It realizes its own failure,But it doesn’t want to bow terms,So it starts to hit the void,And really hit a mouthful of mouth,The body is gradually diminishing。After a hard anti-anti-alert wave,It has become very light,No more dodge,Even twisted the head and the vulnerability。
At this time, the Qigong Wave has no effect on it.,Directly passing in its unreal body。
Monsters slowly disappear,Hide into the soil。
Leave a burning wolf hill。
“I ran by him.!”
Yin Le’s goddess:“No land assistance,I can’t live in my town.,It is much stronger than I imagined.。”
“Did the monster of the land did not set up in the world??”Zhouzhi frowned。
“No,There is news leak on the side of Lijiang,From the northwest direction, many good things in the monster,Most of the monsters of the Caiyun Lands were transferred over there.,Left-behind is very weak,I think they can’t help anything.,I didn’t call them.。”
“This way.。”
Zhou,Light glitter。
After a moment,He thinks,Consider:“How to do fire on the mountain?”