But hear this,A flash of light flashed in Yan Hai’s eyes:“I just need to use this time to seduce a king-level monster.What’s more, I can use all my wealth to mortgage the Black God suit!Besides, with my strength,I can’t ignore this treasure。”

“Yan Hai!”The good-tempered Thor can’t help it:“You have aPwealth,Just those hundreds of billions of dollars?Can you mortgage 10% of the Black God suit??This is priceless!”
“Jia Yi!”Li Ming turned his head,No longer care about Yan Hai,Deduct the word disdain to the fullest:“I’ll lend you this black god suit when I look back,You can use it yourself,No deposit,But you can give it back to me after this battle!”
Although Jia Yi is younger than him,The strength is far inferior to myself,But Li Ming has some admiration for Jia Yi,This person is younger than himself,Even inRRYoung people who were very thin before the virus broke out,But it burst out with amazing power,Save countless people again and again,Even if the strength is not as good as myself,But the contribution to the people to the country is still above itself。Lend one’s own treasure,Li Ming thinks nothing。
As for Yan Hai,Too selfish,Even in2015year6、7A series of vicious crimes,Li Ming and Jia Yi both doubt He Yan Hai,Or a group of warriors under his command,But after all, there is no evidence,Plus Yan Hai’s strength is also very strong,Can also be ranked in the top three in China,So these things are gone.Of course Li Ming doesn’t care about him,If you really want to fight,He kills Yan Hai with one move。
Jia Yi’s expression of gratitude,He also knows“Black God Suit”What it means。This is enough to raise his strength to a level,One-on-one killSSLevel monsters are also sure。And there is this black god suit,I have the confidence to seduce a large number ofSLevel and evenSSMonster。You don’t need Yan Hai’s help at all。
To know,Although Yan Hai’s character is not good,,But strong enough,Originally in this plan,There must be a strong star expert and Jia Yi to shoot together。And invite masters from other countries,It’s more difficult,So Jia Yi also sought help from Yan Hai。
Although Yan Hai is more hostile to Jia Yi,But there is also a desire for some power within China。And within China,In fact, some people use Yan Hai to counterbalance Jia Yi.。
“In that case,Mr. Yan Hai,I don’t need your help!”There is a smile on Jia Yi’s mouth,very much‘sincere’Said。
“That’s it!”Thor also set the tone,“But the specific plan is good,Don’t really want me and Li Ming to do it。
“Humph!”Yan Hai knew that he couldn’t get started with this plan,Leng Hum wants to have an attack,But under the gaze of Li Ming and Thor,I can only leave sadly。
After Yan Hai left,Dr. Chen explained the plan in detail。
first step:Jia Yi set off directly to Gutons Forest,Attack the king monster。This step originally required Jia Yi and Yan Hai to join forces,But Jia Yi used Li Ming’s Black God suit,Defense increased several levels,One person is enough。
Second step,When Jia Yi provoked more than three king-level monsters,Just take these monsters into the range of Kyoto base city.