Just listen to Zhang Haibao talking to Zhu Huiwei:“Old Zhu,He doesn’t help,We don’t force it。

I just drank the blood of that old guy Guo Jing aroused my desire,Just a little bit less,Not addicted。
go,I think the blood of that girl Osheng is good……”
Chen Xiu exploded,He took out his air gun and pointed at Zhang Haibao and said sharply:“You threaten me!”
“Correct,I just threaten you!”
Zhang Haibao directly sacrificed ten mysterious iron flying knives and hovered around,Tit for tat:“Kid,Better put away your broken copper and iron,The speed of the bullets fired by the air gun can’t threaten me!”
Chen Xiu took out his backpack directly,Reveal various weapons against zombies inside、magic weapon,I took out a small pill wrapped in gold foil from the inside,Crushed and smeared on palm,Also said sharply:“old man,If you have a taste, try the bezoar gall bladder,Just stick it on it can poison you!”
Zhu Huiwei saw the two drew their swords in anger,Open anytime,Said loudly:“stop……stop,Took the weapons!
Chen Xiu,Wipe the bezoar gall on your hand,I feel sick when I smell it!”
Chen Xiu is naturally unmoved,Fight with Zhang Haibao with real guns and swords,I’m not an opponent,Bezoar is the only means of self-protection。
“Lao Zhang,Xiao Chen is not sensible,How can you be ignorant。Put away the flying knife!”
Zhang Haibao coldly snort,Even hovering the flying knife faster。
Watching Chen Xiu paint golden hands with bezoar gall,I feel a little guilty,After all, Guo Jingjing just dyed a little,Have to chop a wrist。
“I’ll be a peacemaker,I count three,You all collected your weapons!”
A word,Chen Xiu and Zhang Haibao are still staring at each other,Didn’t relax at all。