“Underworld?Wait?”The instructor’s eyes widened,I want to laugh for no reason,But I am embarrassed to laugh out loud,The little master in front of me is just 30 years old, right??Could you explain to me some religious mythology?How many urgent and big things are waiting to be done right now,How can there be leisure time to listen to this long-winded?

“There are indeed many,But my scope is too narrow,Can only spin around here,The evil spirit of the suspect should come from the underworld,But not exactly,Very weird,Don’t know if there is a chance,I can chat with him alone?”Xiaosu didn’t seem to notice the impatience of the instructor,Still very serious。
“I’m afraid I need to apply,Eat first。”The instructor obviously doesn’t want to listen anymore,Pretending to look at the watch,It happens to be almost twelve o’clock,Immediately join the other two great immortals,Have a meal together,Even if the errand is finished,Then give them three to Bai Xiaojun,What should I do?。
Actually on the way back from the airport,Instructor received‘Doctors’A message sent,Said Shin Yingjie was being followed inexplicably,This makes him feel very unhappy,But the three big immortals were in the car,No time to deal with,He has to ask about this after dinner,and also,Just‘Pigeon’Staring Iveco hasn’t made any progress,Have to change your mind,Solve Song Xiaotong’s problem as soon as possible,Otherwise, Li Tianchou will be unstable sooner or later,removal‘Blood shadow’The plan cannot be carried out smoothly,Let Bai Xiaojun and the three great immortals worry about Shanghai。
No big fish or meat for lunch,Right at the guest house,What I want is an ordinary work meal,The instructor specifically explained that it is all vegetarian,The minimum religious respect is still necessary,A group of Bai Xiaojun and a deputy director Li of the Shanghai Metropolitan Bureau came to accompany him,Everyone eats fast,No one talked about the case,What I said casually is also just some kind words。
The only person with a dull and solemn expression is the wooden Taoist,It’s normal for him to have this reaction after seeing the mummy,Xiaosu is still smiling,No change,Even the instructor’s negligence seems to have no effect on him,The abnormal one is Monk Zhai,The mental state is much better than when I just got off the plane,Don’t look thin,Guangzhai noodles actually ate three bowls。
The instructor didn’t bother with this,A few words smoothly pushed the three people to Bai Xiaojun,Then wipe your mouth and go away。
Back to the room,The instructor first called‘Doctors’,“What is Shen Yingjie??”
“She came back late yesterday,Did not enter the guest house,But went straight to the small building behind,I was bragging in Xu Wen’s room,When I came out, I saw Sun Zhiling sneakingly behind,So curious,I followed up and took a look。”On the phone‘Doctors’A detailed account of Shen Yingjie’s visit to the evidence room last night,He is the mask man who warned the woman last night,And that woman is naturally Sun Zhiling。
“This girl,Did you just eat this good rice??I am making a mistake,So much negligence?What she wanna do?”The instructor is obviously angry,I can’t believe that Shen Yingjie will be so unorganized and disciplined,Where is the evidence room?Even the case-handling personnel must rely on formalities to retrieve physical evidence,What are you going to do with the dummy??Obviously wrong,Still linger。
On the phone‘Doctors’Did not dare to speak,Besides the instructor,,He didn’t tell anyone,I didn’t plan to tell the instructor,But thinking about it is weird,And early in the morning,Shen Yingjie is gone again,In order to prevent being followed by others,‘Doctors’Dressed up and followed out,From Pok Oi Hospital to the bus terminal on Xinyuan Road,No abnormality found,But Shen Yingjie got on a bus bound for the suburbs。
Hesitate,‘Doctors’I decided to follow the next train again,This train has been driving for nearly an hour,Shen Yingjie got off the car at Wutongling,And then started hiking uphill,Follow here,‘Doctors’I find that Shin Yingjie’s whereabouts are getting weird,Finally couldn’t help but send a message to the instructor。
“Wutong Ridge?”The instructor suddenly became alert,The winding road is at least three kilometers,Going up is Liuyun View,What is she going there for?
The instructor has been to Liuyun Temple several times,Was still in Li Tianchou‘exile’That period,This guy went to Liuyunguan and became a Taoist priest after doing some things in Fukuyama,A fake stay is two years,During this period,The instructor has been there twice before and after,After a simple disguise,I mainly want to see Li Tianchou’s current situation,I’m worried that this kid can’t figure it out。
He also had a few conversations with Taoist Baiyun,Keen discovery,Any questions that involve Master Xuanyun,The other party is vague,So mysterious,This makes the instructor very upset,The last time I simply identified my identity,Bai Yun said honestly about Li Tianchou’s life in Liuyunguan,Made him intuitively understand some secrets that this kid is not known to outsiders。
Actually really enlightened?Master Xuanyun?The instructor was dubious about what Bai Yun said,Because he himself is an atheist,Not interested in religion,So thinking about Li Tianchou’s appearance in a Taoist gown, I feel funny,But he didn’t take it seriously,I just want this kid to have fun,Don’t mess things up,Stay safe and secure‘exile’period,There will be a comeback。
Now Shen Yingjie actually went to Liuyun Temple,Still at the sensitive moment when Li Tianchou was controlled,There must be weird in the middle。
It seems that the plan is not as fast as the change,The original instructor asked Xu Wen、‘Mane rat’、‘Doctors’Short trimming,Also just waiting for Tao Meng’s return,Plus Gu Jian made a whole group,He wants to redistribute manpower,Partial replacement‘Pigeon’,Song Xiaotong must be found in a short time,The other way‘Pigeon’Based on the preliminary work‘Blood shadow’layout,Once the time is right,Uproot it。
So anxious to get angry,The main reason is Li Tianchou,The other is Wu Fang,After the instructor wants to clean up these trivial matters,Concentrate superior strength to re-enter Xishan,As for Zhang Zhiqiang,Trap this person first。
Others can forget Wu Fang,The instructor dare not forget,The task was sent by him,He has to take this responsibility,And such a member of the tiger will not be lost in vain,He has been missing in Xishan for more than a week,I’m afraid,The instructor doesn’t say anything,Actually anxious,There is another reason,Wu Fang is the closed disciple of Instructor Lan Ling,Once there is a good or bad,He doesn’t have the face to see Lan Ling again。