Obviously, the realm is not too high,But relying on the magic armor of the body,Relying on fighting skills,Abruptly resisted the siege。

Li Ming’s white jade flying sword can occasionally hurt him,and
even,Once prevailed。
However, as the power of the white jade flying sword skyrocketed,It’s all over。
“what!”Ba Lao’s face changed。
Chaos Lingbao level armor,Really hard,Li Ming’s white jade flying sword cannot be torn。
but,A burst of sharp power penetrates through the armor,The divine body of the chaotic alien race Ba Lao has also been continuously damaged。
Simultaneously,Kuafu、Xiaoyao Tianzun also keeps besieging,Intensified the damage to the Badaul God Body。
Feeling the constant consumption of divine power in the body,Ba La is really desperate。
“you guys,it is good,Then die together!My great Baalah will die with you!”
In three heads,Dragon snake head and bird head melted at the same time,Then quickly merged into the middle ape head。
At the same time the eight arms become a pair,The scimitar is also put away。
but,His breath soared all the way,Surpassed Li Ming in an instant。
“small~”Li Ming’s words have not yet fallen,I saw the strange smile on Chaos Alien’s face。
Then it turned into five bloody streamers,This streamer rotates like an awl,Fled at a very fast speed。
“Which one is true?”Exploration of Li Ming’s Mind and Mind,But can’t tell。