Since there is really true“志 丙”,The obvious pot is no doubt.……

“Poverty,Xie Chu Xia en gratified。”志 丙 看 看 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要 要。
“Say、Say。”Chu Deirers continue to scam, do not know others,Treat Zhao Zhijing before and,The palm is behind the back to observe his work.。
This observation is not tight,Chu Deman discovered……This is really cultivating《Congenital strength》Talent!
Not too good,But after half a time,Indeed that the gas is introduced,He didn’t know himself。
Chu Deiren《Small chaotic work》,It’s going to be inevitable.,So I can find it。
Seeing that Chu Dee people less than a time,Just take the hand down,The color of the three people flashed in the eyes of the horse,Zhao Zhijing……It’s flashing in your eyes.,Then we will cover up as much as possible。
Now in the second generation disciples,Original best Yin Zhiping,Today’s good Jin Dan,On the weekdays, just study the roadology,Even martial arts is negligent,Palchen is not more teaching, I have already thrown my brains.,His Master is taking him with a machine.。
Therefore, palm is,Ten eight or nine is between Zhao Zhijing and Zhi Zhijia,Among them, Zhao Zhijing’s possibility should be larger.。
Now I see that I am actually possible to practice.《Congenital strength》,Zhao Zhijing can not urgently?
“Tag long!I have been successful several times.,Why is it always going?……Go to the next three roads?Is it the most basic contract?……Cough,Is it can’t do it??what……Chu Mou lost,Do not wonder、Do not wonder。”Chu Deirers have a look that Iron is not steel。
After that, I realize that the illness,Apologize to Ma Yu。
See the Chu Deirers,Ma Wei and other three sons have also ritually,Strictly strictly tuned disciples after it is said,Instead, let Chu Demen don’t want to see……
After all, in them.,Chu Deirers and no one have no hat,Before you review Zhao Zhijing,It is also the track,Now“Accusation”志 丙,It is indeed a true meaning,Think……It is true hate iron is not steel,I can’t get started with a regret.?
志 丙 则 is a brain,Looking at the head of the teacher and the two uncle,Intermittently with Chu Deirers,From time to time, blame,It’s shame on your face.。
turn out to be……I am the most basic sophisticated evil.,So delayed entry《Congenital strength》?
Why do I find it?……Do not!This Chu Deirers and I don’t know,Obviously it is really discovering this,So I am eager.?
Hey,Indeed recently some Spring hearts,but……It’s all the extent to which you are?
So I want to come,The more I left,at the same time……Zhao Zhijing watched the Chu Deiren suddenly!
After that, look at the people like this.,Ma Yu also criticized the first to entertain the Chu Dee with dinner,After that, I took the merits of the whole disciple.,Chu deer talents have checked two people……
Chapter 129 Alone
Five days,Chu Deiren has been helping the whole disciple to check the body……
As a result, the Chu Deirers and Ma Yu were more disappointed.——No one,Cultivation《Congenital strength》Qualification!
“Macaro……This《Congenital strength》Pay attention,Different from general martial arts qualifications,It is better to bring other second generation……Even three generations of young disciples,Try also?”Chu Deirers are somewhat embarrassed。
After all, he really wants to《Congenital strength》Come back、Also count but a heart,How can I be outside,No one with cultural qualification!
“Not necessarily,Thank you Xiao Xiao brothers care,Just, other disciples have not been deeply,Rank cultivation,Not necessarily a good thing。”Ma Yu tangled,Still stunned。
In fact, these big factions、Especially the big school with the Buddhist two teachings,Most of the Buddhas have some Buddhas in martial arts.、Tact。
Like“Tianlong”Shaolin School in the original,《Easy》All lost,Not too happy……Just like《Luohan Fu Devil》People doll,I have lost so long.,I haven’t seen them come out to find。
Nothing to think,Non-heart,Get it, don’t practice anything,And people who can achieve,I want to say anything.,Will not be evil。
After that, Ma Wei smiled and laughed.:“In fact, it is still not enough to practice.,I know that martial arts,India in my heart……”