Chen Xiu has an advantage here,But I can’t bear the pistol in my hand,The other side isAK47.

AK47Turning on automatic mode is hundreds of rounds per minute,Bullets are denser than rain,The suppressed Jing Fawu they simply can’t hold their heads up。
“Minor repair,How about Miss Qin?”
The first priority of a bodyguard is to ensure the safety of the employer,If Qin Zhi is injured this time,,But it’s a great negligence。
“We are fine!”
Chen Xiu hugged Qin Zhi and hid behind the beam and shouted:“Throw a gun to me,I can hit them from this angle!”
“When will you shoot?”
Jing Fawu can’t forget the first time he saw Chen Xiu,At that time he
578 Benefits of bulletproof cars
Chen Xiu was so scared that he covered his head and face with both hands,Don’t believe the bridge in the movie,You can block the bullet of the submachine gun by leaning on a car door。
He knows the power of submachine guns,The other side’s sweep,Enough to make yourself a hornet’s nest。
After a round of shooting,Two gunners lighted up sixty bullets,Paused shooting。
“I’m not dead!”
Chen Xiu touched himself,No holes,No blood flows from the body,Squinting to the car door,The glass is not broken。
“Is the movie real?