And she asked Zhao Nan to invite them over,Just because they have their strengths,Slapstick,They will never be a problem。

And a bastard like a skinny monkey,I need someone like this to grind。
All the people entered the hotel,Xie Wei greeted Wu Xiaorou。
He is very pleased,Said:“Unexpected,Xiaorou,This way,How did you think of it?”
The back kitchen is a table of food,This matter,And handed over to some of his starters,So,He Xie Wei is happy to chat with Wu Xiaorou here leisurely。
“The wicked have their own wicked!
Deal with people like Lean Monkey,I’m going to beat them down,Regardless of literary and military,Have to let them know,Our restaurant is not annoying!”
Wu Xiaorou said,A chair pulled out from one side,Sit down beside Xie Wei。
Today this result,She is satisfied,Although it cost hundreds of dollars,But this matter passed safely。
“Do you think it just passed?”
Heard Wu Xiaorou’s answer,Xie Wei looked up at her,Said lightly。
“should not!”
Wu Xiaorou replied,Pick up the match placed on the side table,Give Xie Wei light the cigarette in his mouth,She continued:“Today just temporarily turned them off,I believe it won’t be long,The skinny monkey will still come。”
“Not bad。”
Xie Wei nodded in satisfaction,Took a deep breath,Slowly spit out the light blue smoke under the light,Go on:
“Lean monkeys,Without you letting them absolutely surrender,Don’t take it lightly。
Today you lost their face twice in a row,I believe they will use more detrimental tricks against you。”
For Xie Wei’s remarks,Wu Xiaorou agrees,She understands,For the first time, it was only because of Xie Wei that I let them temporarily soften。