Male brain looks like drug abuse when looking at woman’s body?

Male brain looks like drug abuse when looking at woman’s body?

One study found that watching a curvaceous woman feels satisfied with the male brain just like drinking or taking drugs.

Scientists point out that these new findings may help explain men’s focus on pornography.

  Women’s full breasts are thought to be related to indigenous abilities and overall health.

For its part, studies from different cultural backgrounds have found that men generally think that bee waists and fat buttocks are sexy, and it is not unreasonable.

  To explore the roots of this behavior, it was found that fourteen men, an average of twenty-five years old, were asked to rate the attractiveness of photos of seven women with their eyes closed.

These photos show how the seven women’s chests looked before and after plastic surgery.

They undergo surgery to make the breasts fuller.

The surgery redistributed their weight by transplanting feces removed from their waists to their buttocks without reducing their weight.

  Brain scans of the men participating in the study showed that men who watched women’s appearance after surgery had reward-related parts of their brains, including areas related to reactions to drugs and alcohol, active.

  These findings can help deepen our understanding of color addiction and related diseases, such as impotence in the absence of pornography.

These findings can also contribute to scientific research on sexual immorality.

“Scientists also found that women’s body mass index (a common method of calculating body fat) can actually only affect brain regions that are related to a simple visual assessment of size and shape.

This may prove that the reason why body fat affects the judgment of female beauty is based on social norms more than the brain and other things connected together.

  Further research can also explore the effect of body shape on the female brain.