Schneider Electric’s new generation of green intelligent medium pressure switch equipment appears at the Hannover Industrial Expo

Beijing, on May 31, 2022, SetSetSet’s draft draft is highly fitted. Six fluoride has good insulation performance and opening ability, which has been widely used as insulation and opening media for medium high -voltage electrical equipment. The greenhouse effect brought by it is 23,500 times the carbon dioxide.

According to statistics, the global high -voltage switching equipment market uses 10,000 tons of sixlum fluoride, which is equivalent to 100 million tons of carbon dioxide.

In case of leakage, the greenhouse effect brought by it will lead to serious consequences. Schneider Electric can effectively end the industry’s dependence on hexaside sulfur gas by combining the latest gas insulation switch equipment with dry air and vacuum technology. In addition, the six -lve fluoride sulfur switching equipment also supports the long -term service life to support the circular economy and renewable energy power generation. Fredericgodémél said that stricter supervision and technology maturity means that the timing of alternative sulfluoride has arrived.

The momentum of the environmental environment of the power system has never been so strong. We have prepared to support customers with repeated award -winning green and digital technology.