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  Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu, August 29, Sichuan Meishan City, Yanshan Nature Reserve in Hongya County, Sichuan Province, has 13 wild big pandas. Yanyuan Village, located in the mountains of Wawu Mountain, is the most remote in Hongya County, the nearest village in the core area of ??the Meishan Cat, Meghan, Giant Panda National Park.

  How is people and natural? In recent years, those things related to Panda in Yanyuan Village are the vivid practice of ecological civilization thinking in the grassroots level.

  The Wawu Mountain rescued the Panda Week, Zhou Qiang is the two brothers in Yanyuan Village. They have saved a tristery issued by Hongya County People’s Government. The paper has been yellow, but the above "Advanced Personal Personal Personal Personal Person" above is clearly visible. On March 13, 2005, villagers found a trapped giant panda near Yanyuan Village. "Head, the butt is in the upper, and the rattles are entangled." At that time, Zhou Qiang was working in the power station, he was very annoyed after being entangled, "everyone did not dare to be close, only to play Telephone report. Soon, the people in the protected area and the public security, the people of the forestry have arrived. "The villagers of Yanzhan Village, Hongya County, Meishan City, Sichuan Province, on August 28, in front of their own door, 1 March 2005, March 2005 Award. The picture above is Zhou Qixiang, the picture below is Zhou Kuiming, Liu Guangqun couple.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Hao Yang’s photo is to prevent being bitten by the panda, the rescue personnel have been studying, first with anesthetic, put the panda, and then cut the wrapped rattan, unlocked, and finally put the panda to a flat place. "Not long, Panda woke up and started, but the anesthetic drug is still there, it can’t go.

"Zhou Qi Xiang said," We look far away until the drug effect is completely scattered, watching the panda to enter the forest and rest assured the underground mountain.

"In this giant panda rescue action, Zhou Qi Xiang and Zhou Xiu Ming participated in the rescue were prominent, and the same was commended. This is the wild giant panda in the Nature Reserve in the Wawen Mountain.

In 1993, the protected area was established in Hongya County, and the rare wild plants mainly made by giant panda were protected. In fact, before the villagers of Yanzhan Village, the relevant departments have confirmed the "Wavan Mountain Survival".

In the 1970s, the researchers found many giant pandas biting bamboo festival and activities. The machine roared away from the panda to eat mountains, eating water by water, has always been the traditional life of the mountains, and Yan Zhan Village is no exception. The 63-year-old Wei Wenxiang is the old branch of Yanzhan Village, which has served as the village department for 33 years.

He told reporters that the village is located in the mountain forest area, the cultivated land is small, the rainy season is particularly long, the winter is big, and the villagers can only be a corn and, but the harvest is very low. "I have a harmonious relationship between people and wild animals." Wei Wenxiang said, "Before, the villagers not only pick the bamboo shoots, cut the tree, and hit the mountain hunting." In addition, the 20th century In the era, Wawu Mountain once lifted the boom of minerals and hydropower development, and the villagers Liu Hong raised the power station in the large factory in 2005.

  Hongya County Dahang River Power Station was contracted before and after 2017. The picture above is before the demolition (the Giant Panda National Park Meishan Management Branch is for map). The picture below is removed.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Gao Peng Yang photo Liu Hong is located in the core area of ??the protected area and the junction of the buffer, and there are three power stations in 100 meters. "Everyone walks through the river from the river to the computer room on the other side.

"Liu Hong recalls that there are more than 30 people, and the water in the river is stopped by the river dam. The river is almost dry, only a little water in the flood season. Minute the lead and zinc ore, phosphate, and many mountain exposures. Vegetation is destroyed, the slag is stacked everywhere, and the washing water is free to streak … "Every day is the machine roar, the giant panda is scared, and the other animals can’t see the shadow. "Liu Hong said. On August 28th, Yan Yuan Village, villagers, Liu Hong in the sanitary box. Xinhua News Agency reporter Hao Peng Yang took the Important Round of Environmental Inspector Hydropower Station in 2017.

Zhao Navy, secretary of the Party Branch of Hongya County State-owned Forest Farm Tun, told reporters that they first pulsed the slag near the mine, and then pulled back the mud from more than ten kilometers, and shewood 30 to 50 cm before she can restore vegetation.

  37 hydropower stations were shut down, restored 338 acres of ecological vegetation, the original 19 zone of the Giant Panda National Park The long-lost waterfall is like a white yarn floating on the cliff.

  Liu Hong, who has been dried 12 years in the electric station, began to transfer bees, and also as part-time patrols. Panda Lower Mountain "Visit" is a normal situation in recent years, the giant panda has become a talker after the villagers of Yanzhan Village. In 2017, my country fully launched the pilot work of the Giant Panda National Park system, and most of the production and living areas of villagers in Yanyuan Village were all married into the national park. In 2019, the Giant Panda National Park Meilushan district was established in the Sichuan Wawan Nature Reserve. There were 13 wild big pandas in the survey area.

  The villagers Li Wanfang did not think that the Panda would come to his home to "help". On the afternoon of November 30, 2017, Li Wanfang discovered that there was a big panda under the dam next to his house. "When someone came over, it moved his head, very cute, but there is no spirit." Li Wanfang thought the panda hungry He has cleared a few apples, and he called the village to help cut some tender bamboo, but the panda did not eat. Everyone notifies the protection area management bureau, and the relevant staff will continue to contact the public security, forestry and other departments, and experts from Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base also come to rescue. This is a villager who shoots in Yanyuan Village on August 28. In order to avoid dogs to affect the wild animals in the mountains, the villagers take the initiative to wear collars, and the dog has been vaccinated to have a red collar identification.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yan Yang Yang took a preliminary diagnosis found that this is an adult female panda, ribs have signs of fracture, and there is a problem in gastrointestinal function.

That night, this giant panda was taken first aid and was taken to Chengdu for treatment. In order to protect the giant panda, the village has also changed very much.

  Song Libin, the staff of the Giant Panda National Park, Song Libin, introduced that the "Qingshan Slug" action implemented in 2017, the animal clip, hunter, hopping, etc. Forty, only twenty or so in 2019, less than two years.

He believes that villagers’ wildlife awareness and legal awareness have greatly enhanced. In addition, in order to avoid domestic dogs to bring viruses such as dogs to the mountains, threaten giant pandas survival, villagers also take the initiative to work with "dogs,", give dog vaccine, wear ring … no shorter, install infrared camera on the mountain At the time, Liu Hong was still discovered from the original electric station. The camera is more like a lot of giant panda and other wild animals.

  Liu Hong believes that in the future, the panda in Yanyuan Village will be more and more, more and more exciting.

(Reporter Yang Sanjun Zhang Hai Lei Xiao Yonghang Gao Bao Yang) [Responsible Editor: Xu Meida].