“Chen Xiu,This cloud blade was taught by Zhu Huiwei, right?。

This sword technique originally did not dare to be an impenetrable sword technique,It’s because I helped him remodel it to have the current power,No one knows this technique better than me,If you use this knife,But can’t beat me!”
Chen Xiu cursed secretly,Why didn’t I think of this,It’s really a big knife in front of Guan Gong to hit the knife with the cloud in front of him.! “Promise cut!”
Chen Xiu’s long sword once again draws more than ten sword qi into a circle,More than a dozen sword circles fell together,Spin like a whirlpool and rush towards Xuanwu。
Xuanwu ancestor slightly moved,One eye hair,Shouted excitedly:“interesting,Your move should be changed from my Tai Chi method,I can’t even think of Tai Chi’s change like this!”
Xuanwu ancestor flipped his wrist,The sword body shakes along“impeach”The sound of,Like thunder,Invisible mass,But extremely powerful,Slammed straight towards Wuji Slashing Sword Qi! Chen Xiu felt that he cut the Promise Slash,It’s like a bolt of lightning,It’s like it’s been slashed to the beast who is running wildly and riding a boat,A terribly powerful force,Burst out from the tip of the knife,With a boundless killing intent! “what!”
Chen Xiu yelled,His body moved suddenly,Floating outward like a kite with a broken thread,At this time he has completely lost control of his body。
Fortunately, Xuanwu ancestor did not take the opportunity to pursue,Otherwise Chen Xiushen will have no resistance。
“you……You realize the law of thunder attribute to heaven and earth!”
Chen Xiu is not easy to gain a foothold,It’s just that the whole body is still shocked as shown in the picture, and the hands and feet are generally numb。
“What does it mean to cultivate the body of a zombie?,I’m just a half-step second-rate master。”
The Xuanwu ancestor’s voice is filled with great loss,The long lifespan of zombies comes at the cost of being ten times harder to practice than ordinary people,Even though the ancestors of Xuanwu have practiced for 1,700 years,But counting it back is only if a mortal has cultivated for 170 years。
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