Lu Xiuli heard that Hu Huiru had been here for several days,His face changed slightly involuntarily。She said carefully:“Mr. Hu has been here for several days,Why didn’t you come to the company?address…”That’s it for Lu Xiuli,Seems to remember something,She stopped suddenly。

Hu Huiru smiled and said:“Oh!I just want to make a surprise check,But ok,Several projects in Pingdu City are doing well,This Wang Wei is pretty good at two brushes。Especially the real estate development in Qingshan County,Rumors”
When Lu Xiuli heard Hu Huiru praise Wang Wei,His face changed immediately。Although the change is not great,But the observant Xia Jian,I still noticed a trace of unhappiness flashing across Lu Xiuli’s face。
Hu Huiru can be the boss of the group,Naturally on her outstanding side。She glanced at Lu Xiuli and said:“Mr. Lu!Wang Wei did a good job in Qingshan County,You have to learn from his experience。From the end of the new year,You are in charge of Donglin Township and Pingyang Town”
Lu Xiuli did not expect that Hu Huiru would give her a task in front of Xia Jian。And these two places are all rural areas,This is incomparable to the real estate in Qingshan County。
“can!I will go to the countryside after Chinese New Year”Lu Xiuli said very reluctantly。
Xia Jian took a sip of tea,He smiled and said to Hu Huiru:“Mr. Lu just said that I need to solve some problems,Mr. Hu drink tea first,I’ll have a look”
“Let’s get together!I also listen”Hu Huiru stood up as she spoke。
Because Xia Jian came to the company suddenly,So Lu Xiuli did not prepare。Less than ten people came to the meeting,And among these ten people,There is another person Xia Jian knows,That’s Feng Yan。
Xia Jian can’t figure it out,Feng Yan was once Hu Huiru’s capable cadre,Don’t know why,She is now Hu Huiru’s handyman,Send where you need it。
Feng Yan saw Xia Jian,I feel a little embarrassed。Xia Jianzhuang didn’t see anything,He started his work。
Hu Huiru sitting on the side,Listen quietly,She didn’t say a word。A few people with problems,Enumerate their problems。Xia Jian answered them one by one,And pointed out the problem。
Actually the questions these people are asking,Xia Jian knows very well,They just lack experience in field work。I think Xi Zhen and Lin Wei,Running towards the face almost every day。
The meeting went very smoothly,It took less than an hour,It’s basically over。Actually it’s still early to get off work,But Hu Huiru just pulled Xia Jian and left Donglin Building。