Plus, from a small education is to marry the chicken with chicken and married dogs with dogs.,She is more adhering to such thoughts.。

“Hey-hey,Not my curved channel,It’s Xiao Li, this meat is too fat.,As long as it is personal, just like a few mouthfuls.,According to my understanding,It is the village head to run the small Li family.,What is to turn Xiao Li into my son-in-law.,You don’t know if this is?”
Zhao Xiaoli heard this,Frown:“This is true?
Xiao Li, never said this.。”
“Are you familiar with others??
He tells you these,Many people in our village want to climb some relatives with Li.,As long as you climb,Then, the days after making money will definitely get more.,I said,This time Xiao Li is looking for you alone.,I feel that we have worked hard before.。”
“You got it.,How do we work hard??
And Xiao Li is not good.。”
Although Liu Dafu is very reasonable,But Zhao Xiaoli is not much。
“Hey-hey,He didn’t,But our performance is so obvious.,He is not a fool,How can I not understand??
His reasoning this time I find you with eight nine or the previous thing left a good impression.,I know that the secretary around the boss in the city can be equal to half a wife.,Don’t say anything else,Liu Sihai,I know some secretary around him.,And every time you eat, you will have a heavy sample.,The salary of those secretaries seems to be more than 10,000,You think about your situation again.。”
Liu Dafu is so analyzed,The more it is this, this is such a thing.,Even if I haven’t waited Zhao Xiaoli to believe,He has already believed that it is true to follow the story of him.。
“I am not his secretary.,And he didn’t have it before.,If you can have it early.,Don’t play this flower intestine。”
“Hey-hey,You don’t understand this.?
Xiao Li is a college student,And before some,The people who do things are all imposed.,Faceful,His college student is really looking up with you in my face.,You say where his face is?
Although you have not succeeded several times,But he must know your thoughts.,Do you also say that he has the reaction at the time??”
Chapter 491 Zhang Erzhuang
He said by Liu Dafu,Zhao Xiaoli also thought of the situation that night,She is a clear feeling.。
“Correct,But he ran.?”
“nonsense,He didn’t run it, it’s the right place.?
I am still at home.,Now he does this, I feel that ten eight or nine is wanting to slowly cultivate you.,Then 嘿嘿,Wife you should understand。”
Liu Dafu said,It is also slowly close to Zhao Xiaoli.,A pair of big hands are also beginning to be honest.。
“screw you,The hill is still in our family.,You really feel that Xiao Li wants to follow me.?”
Although Zhao Xiaoli did not speak,But her heart is suddenly a small expectation.。
“Yup,Ten eight nine is this,Otherwise, our village is so beautiful.,And also have ideas for Xiao Li,Why didn’t you see Xiao Li??
Still not we show it in advance.?”
“Humph,Who is the village who is beautiful than I am beautiful??
Qin Su Ya, I heard that it is not in the village.,There is also Li Cuihua.,Who else is there??”
Seeing Zhao Xiaoli’s breathing,Liu Dafu is also apologizing,But his mind is really awkward.。
This,He didn’t dare to say it in front of his wife.。
“there is none left,there is none left,And in my heart,Your most beautiful,They are slag。”
While talking,Liu Dafu is also rushing Zhao Xiaoli into the house.。
soon,Liu Dafu wants to act,But it was rejected by Zhao Xiaoli.。
“Do you want to die?
When you want to?
Wait at night,When the hill is asleep,Now you want,Not too shameful?”