Bath steam doubles the effectiveness of the mask


Bath steam doubles the effectiveness of the mask

■ Couple 1: Moisturizing mask, a quick mask that allows you to quickly and brightly vacuum single-chip packaging, eliminating the need for you to use a paper mask and lotion, and it usually uses a moisturizing essence-soaked mask sheet, which is more soPrecious, but the unit price is usually high, and it is more practical to use it in emergencies.

  ■ Couple 2: The lotion is difficult to solve “muscle thirst”, the molecular volume of the bottle of moisturizing essence is smaller than that of the emulsion, and it can penetrate into the stratum corneum to moisturize dry cells.

First apply the essence and then apply the lotion, and the lotion will be like a hat, covering the essence tightly under the surface of the skin, prolonging the time for moisture to evaporate.

  ■ Couple 3: Baby health products will keep you moist, joints, and corners of your mouth will often dry and peel, so that you who love beauty will not feel elegant enough to wear short skirts.

Therefore, after bathing, you can apply baby oil to dry areas to improve desquamation.

However, dermatologists warn that if you have had follicular keratosis (a little bit of hardened skin), baby oil is not for you.

  ■ Couple 4: Use the steam of the bath to apply the face, which is convenient and time-saving. The moisturizing mask is best in the bathroom. With the help of steam, the particles in the mask are also more easily absorbed quickly.

However, if you use a deep cleansing mask, don’t put it in a place with heavy moisture, because it relies on the tensile force after the mask is dry to absorb the dirt in the pores. If the moisture is too heavy, the cleansing mask will not be dry that day.

  ■ Couple 5: Take a sauna, take a hot bath, do n’t forget to put a bottle of water around to wash the sauna, it is the time when the body’s internal water is lost, hot steam makes the body sweat and waste continue to be discharged, so it is very important to replenish body waterimportant.

Put a bottle of water at your side, and immediately replenish when you feel dry, so as to promote smooth metabolism.